Cloverworks Farm is a Vermont Farm and Homestead providing the finest lamb, wool, yarn, pelts and more from our Registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep.  Our flock moves to fresh grass each day as part of their rotational grazing scheme.


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Cloverworks Farm moved to Albany, VT in 2017.  We want to make sheep a sustainable, economically viable force in Vermont.  We believe it will be a challenging but that we could make a real contribution by raising our sheep to the best of their potential.

Cloverworks Farm is the project of Katie Sullivan and Matt Wimmer.  Katie brings experience raising all kinds of livestock, a passion for spreadsheets and rotational grazing knowledge.  Matt loves tractors, technology, and hugging new lambs.  Our goal is to create a sustainable farm where the best management practices result in healthy, happy sheep and delicious lamb.  We also value open sharing of information, so check back frequently to learn more about how we raise our animals.

Looking for Sheep and Pickle Farm?  That’s us!  We’ve changed the name to reflect our larger scale and our updated goals.

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We love hearing from you- any reason, any season!  Sometimes it will take a day or two for us to get back to you just because farms work that way.

We are located at 4558 Creek Rd in Albany, VT.  We are open to visitors by appointment and do not have an on-site fiber or meat store currently.