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A Big Opportunity

A while ago, I had thought to put in my application for a booth at Rhinebeck (formally, the New York State Sheep and Wool Gathering) because I had heard that it could take a decade to get a booth.  So I figured I’d just send applications their way for a few years while I put together a schedule of fiber festivals where I can sell my yarn.

So imagine my surprise when an email arrives on Monday from the Rhinebeck organizers saying that they have a need for some substitute vendors, and would I like to sell yarn at the festival?  YES!

So I am going to be a Rhinebeck vendor this year, provided the State of New York processes my application for a Tax ID.  But I will assume that that will happen and I’ll be on my way to put some sheep in the breed barn and then we will set up our booth in a location TBD.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “A Big Opportunity

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been submitting for years, too, and sure wish I could have a booth since I’m there anyway in the breed barn. I hope you’ll get all your yarn sold, Katie! I’ll miss you in the breed barn!

  2. Katie; Congratulations!

    I’ll post an announcement on the Albany Community Trust Facebook page.

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