Our Wool and Yarn


Cloverworks Farm is a premium source of raw fleece, batts, yarn and finished woolen products from our flock.   We currently have yarn for sale at Two Sisters Mill in Cambridge, VT.

We manage our fleece for cleanliness and quality.  Not every sheep provides wool that meets our standards for sale to handspinners, so you can know that any raw fleece offered is well-sorted and well-vetted.  Our Bluefaced Leicesters are shorn once a year, providing fiber with a generous staple length.  Our Border Leicesters have beautiful wool with large, dramatic curls.  Also shorn once a year, we offer our Border Leicester wool by the pound so that spinners can enjoy the wool without needing to commit to ten pounds of fleece.  Of course, we recommend enjoying as much of this delectable wool as you dare!

To create our batts, we walk locks in Blue Dawn to leave some lanolin in the fiber.  Washed locks are then hand-combed and then drum-carded in two passes.  Our wool is processed just enough to retain the natural character of the wool without compromising spinning quality.

Our yarn has been spun at several local spinneries in past.  We are currently working with Still River Mill in Connecticut to produce a light, semi-worsted product in a light weight.   When I have large amounts of natural white yarn, I enjoy creating beautiful hand-dyed colorways.

We used to have Cormo cross sheep and we still have some sheep with Cormo background.  Stay tuned for special fleece and products from them.