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Here are a few features of our farm and articles written by me in the past for the late, great Vermont’s Local Banquet Magazine:

Back when we lived in Williston and the farm was still known as Sheep and Pickle Farm, the Williston Observer sent a reporter out to the farm.

Visiting the Marshfield School of Weaving was a tremendous treat for me, as I so seldom get a chance to spend time making finished products from wool

I love mutton, so writing an article about cooking mutton was simple and enjoyable for me.  Lamb may get most of the credit but mutton is the meat that shepherds keep for themselves.

Here is my very comprehensive article about the challenges of raising sheep for milk and the lack of growth in the sheep dairy sector of Vermont.  This is probably one of my favorites, though the topic feels somewhat depressing.

Vermont has a seemly-disproportionate number of farms focused on rare and unusual breeds of sheep, ours included.  Writing this article was a fun opportunity to chat with some of my fellow local shepherds.

I wrote this reflection when my father-in-law died.  My work in agriculture has very much influenced how I view death.

I wrote an article about the joys and challenges of raising ducks.  Ducks are fantastic farm animals, but achieving a well-plucked roasting duck still eludes us.

I explored different popular breeds of meat chickens in a comprehensive evaluation of whether farmers have really replaced the ubiquitous Cornish Cross with slower growing breeds that are more able to engage in natural chicken behaviors.


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