The Biggest Change

Almost as big as moving:


This is our new name, and our new logo.  As I mentioned before, we’ve been overdue for an updated, improved name and logo.  I feel that this name better reflects what we do:  we improve our land to help our sheep thrive.  Even now, we are planting improved pasture mix to improve our pasture.

Other entertaining happenings on the farm:

-Matt made 30 bales of hay with our new equipment so far.  He’s been assiduously fixing up our bargain haying supplies, and his efforts have paid off.   Those 30 bales are worth about a grand.  On the downside, he blew a tire on the smaller blue Ford, so we had an entertaining adventure trying to get a tractor wheel into the back of my truck.

-We also sent the ram lambs to their final destination.  The crossbred lambs had a huge advantage in size and weight, but they were also older and one was a single.  It’s hard to say what was a larger factor, but this has also been a terrible summer for parasites, to boot.

-Our yarn came in!  It looks lovely, and I’ll be dyeing some of the Cormo for the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.  I can’t wait to show off the amazing BFL yarn, too – the natural gray is especially luscious, and supplies are limited!

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